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Fly fishing is a life style

What is fly fishing?

Fly fishing is possibly one of the oldest forms of fishing, especially for trout, having been around for centuries. Its unique style for delivering the “bait” to the fish is what sets it apart from other forms of fishing. What also sets fly fishing apart from other forms of fishing is the direct link between the life cycle of the insects that trout feed on and the angler. Whether the angler either buys or ties the flies he uses, his presentation is an attempt to match the insects during a particle phase of its life cycle.

What is this website for?

Its for me to just share some of the things i’m doing to friends and family. I hope along the way I can build a community and share some tips and tricks. Along the way i’m sure it will evolve into something else or stay the same , only time will tell.

Thanks for visiting , Tight Lines.